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ViaNorm Management Consulting Inc.: Family businesses

Family businesses

" We help you convert all potential shortcomings in your family business into sources of sustainable economic growth. "

Family businesses are of particular importance for us.   They play an important socio-economic role not only in Turkey but throughout the world. To express it in numbers: the share of SMEs in United States, Japan and the large part of Europe accounts to 90 to 95% of the entire entrepreneurship and most of them are family businesses. In Turkey, this percentage is even higher. On the other side, most of them cannot maintain this status. Mismanagement and poor performance in mediation of business experience result often in selling or resolution of family businesses.

Despite varying constants, results from different countries turn out similarly: an average 2/3 of family businesses either liquidate or come under the control of a third-party. According to the same analyses, only 5 to 15% of the companies are still family-owned in the third generation of the founding

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